Financial Consolidation

Streamline financial consolidation and close processes


Eliminate spreadsheets and legacy consolidation applications

Global enterprises have to comply to complex accounting and reporting requirements. They consist of different GAAP requirements, meeting both local reporting needs as group standards, foreign currency translations, sourcing multiple accounting systems or ERP’s, and a dynamic business environment with ongoing acquisitions, divestments and group restructurings. It is imperative to have the right solution to meet these requirements.

Eliminate spreadsheets and legacy consolidation applications that increase costs, risks and were never designed to address the complex requirements of global enterprises today.


Leading modern and proven financial consolidation solutions

Cpmview helps enterprises of different sizes and complexities with their requirements around financial consolidation. We work with leading modern and proven financial consolidation solutions that meet today’s complex requirements.

Whether you want to make the next step eliminating spreadsheets and start automating financial consolidation, or whether you are in need of replacing your legacy consolidation application for a better and more modern solution, you are at the right place!

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What are key business benefits of our financial consolidation solutions?

Why is cpmview a specialist in financial consolidation?

Cpmview is partner of amongst others SAP, OneStream and Fluence Technologies. We support an extensive client base with their consolidation and reporting requirements in The Netherlands and abroad. We help enterprises to bridge their financial consolidation requirements with the best fit solution and to gain confidence and agility while conducting financial consolidation projects.

Accelerate and control financial consolidations with the services of cpmview

Financial Consolidation

Fluence Technologies

Financial Consolidation

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Financial Consolidation



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