Leverage your CPM investment through easy accessible expert knowledge at any required level!

Benefit from our expertise

As part of its projects, cpmview has been providing training to dozens of organizations at home and abroad for over 10 years. You can benefit from this experience by attending a training course online, at location or a classroom training at cpmview. Training courses are available on different CPM applications and for different target groups, from the end user to the administrator. Our training courses are tailored to the target group, but are always fed by our financially oriented process expertise.


Overview of our training courses

In the overview you will find our current range of training courses. New training courses are regularly offered and of course new data are added, so keep an eye on the website or sign up for our updates.

Training offering

Our training courses are highly appreciated by participants and according to them this is due to the content of the training as well the professional and expert trainers who convey the lesson material.


Cedeo certified

All our trainings are Cedeo certified which means that

  • our trainings are always modern and up-to-date;
  • our customer satisfaction is proven; and
  • if you have a PE obligation than it is good to know that all our trainings are PE-valuated.

Hands-on training

These kind of trainings are easy accessible

  • since they do not require specific prior knowledge;
  • are a good way to get acquainted with a specific tool;
  • can support your vendor selection process; and
  • are available on-line and on any location you prefer.

Advanced training

These kind of trainings focus on

  • leveraging your CPM investment;
  • sharing expert knowledge with administrators and (key) users;
  • in-depth knowledge exchange of a specific tool;
  • can be tailor made if preferred; and
  • are available on-line and on any location you prefer.

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