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Deliver insight to accelarate your business forward with advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Visualize your financial and management reporting with modern BI solutions

Are your current Excel-based financial and operational management reports too structured to facilitate the agile reporting needs? Publish your standard financial and management report to a modern Business intelligence solution to unleash the benefits of creating interactive visuals and dashboards. Align operational data with financial data to gain valuable insights that enable decision-making.

Embrace data and advanced analytics capabilities to act timely

As leadingedge data and analytics emerge as a critical source of competitive advantage, the finance function will have a substantial stake in the success of the company’s analytics initiatives today. Embrace modern data and analytics capabilities to bring finance-led planning to all corners of your business. Apply predictive analytics to identify performance shortfalls timely and engage the business to take targeted actions to remedy them well before they impact financial statements.

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What are key benefits of our BI, data and advanced analytics solutions?

Data & Analytics: Insight-to-Decide

SAP Analytics Cloud

Data & Analytics: Insight-to-Decide

Microsoft Power BI

Data & Analytics: Insight-to-Decide

OneStream Software

Why is cpmview a specialist in data & analytics?

Cpmview’s data & analytics team helps your organization to:

  • Deliver outstanding interactive visuals and dashboards on top of your CPM tool.
  • Eliminate all manual data integration tasks.
  • Ensure you anticipate on the future with the latest advanced analytics technologies.

We work with the latest technology, embedding the right skills and experiences to deliver the best solutions for your organization.


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Business Intelligence Increase insight using interactive visuals and dashboards
Advanced Analytics supporting data driven decision making

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