Financial Data Quality

Simplify data integration and have confidence in the numbers.

Data Quality

Data integration is a key aspect of financial reporting. The quality and effectiveness of any consolidation and reporting, and financial planning and forecasting process is dependent on reliable, timely and accurate data from your G/L, ERP, CRM, HCM, and other systems and data lakes. Especially in today’s volatile world, data is becoming more and more a strategic asset. Finance managers and business controllers need to be able to rely on their data and connect to relevant sources in the business whenever they need it to get the right insight, and support the business to make the right decisions.

Cpmview helps finance managers and business controllers to trust their data and simplify data integrations. We work with modern CPM solutions that embrace financial data quality in their core.

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Bart van Onzen
Managing Partner & CPM Advisor

What are key business benefits of our financial data quality solutions?

Why is cpmview a specialist in financial data quality?

Financial data quality is a crucial first step in any CPM project. With our extensive experience in implementing CPM solutions we have touched upon different use cases, complexities and technologies while integrating data sources. From Microsoft SQL Server, to SAP BW and BW/4HANA technologies, to the buildin application logic and rules in our CPM solutions. We have helped our clients realize timely, reliable and accurate data for their financial reporting and analytical needs.

Gain confidence and control on financial data and realize valuable insights.

Financial Data Quality

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Financial Data Quality


Financial Data Quality

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