Automated IFRS15 Revenue recognition with SAP BPC

Headquarters Amsterdam
Solution SAP BPC
Employees 4,500 (2019)
Turnover 701m (2019)

Cpmview has developed an integrated solution in SAP BPC for IFRS15 revenue recognition that is fully automated. This solution includes a number of standard calculation rules and is fully integrated into the existing system landscape. This means that the process of IFRS15 can be performed using an automated, integrated and efficient process. This significantly reduces the manual work around month-end closing. With the solution TomTom was one of the few companies who were able to adopt IFRS15, fully retrospective in 2018 and the first company to publish the figures under the new standards.

New regulatory requirements (IFRS15 revenue recognition) required TomTom to implement a solution that would be able to handle these requirements. TomTom choose SAP BPC to handle the revenue recognition calculation because:

  • The flexible and powerful calculation engine could be leveraged as demonstrated by cpmview in a POC;
  • The possibility to combine planning and actual data;
  • Standard integration with the SAP BW backend;
  • Good fit with the roadmap for other planning and consolidation solutions at TomTom.

Download the TomTom presentation highlighted during our customer event.

“Cpmview showed from the first moment that they understand our IFRS15 problems immediately and can quickly translate them into solutions.

Cpmview showed to develop a working solution for our complex IFRS15 calculations within a short time frame of 4-5 months with a strict deadline.”

-Ron Hogeboom, Domain Manager ERP applications at TomTom.


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