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Vena Solutions
Vena Solutions

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Power up Excel with Vena

84% of businesses that implement an FP&A solution end up going back to Excel. Let’s face it, Excel is the number one choice for financials and most business professionals. So it is better to embrace it, then to replace it!

Vena takes the best of Microsoft 365 and combines it with the security and power of a SaaS-based enterprise FP&A solution, allowing business professionals to budget, forecast, report and analyze on a platform they are already familiar with.

Vena at a glance

Watch this 5-minute product overview and see how Vena instantly creates value by replacing loosely connected spreadsheets, streamlining tasks and activities with build-in workflow management and simplifying reporting and analysis in a secure and controlled environment.

Harmonizing and streamlining budgeting and reporting
Customer Success Story

The Vena solution is perfect for mid-sized companies that have outgrown their spreadsheet environment.”

CFO Kinly

Enrich your financial reporting and analysis with Vena Insights

With Vena Insights, all of your Vena data is available in real-time for dashboarding and analysis using embedded Power BI and Microsoft’s best-in-class AI and machine learning technology.


What are the key strengths of Vena?

Use the familiarity and flexibility of Excel with the benefits of a centralized platform for workflow management, control, security, version management, data integration, and consistencies in calculations, formulas and methods.

Accelerate budgeting and forecasting processes and automate tedious processes, such as submissions, reviews and approvals and automatically take care of aggregations. Streamline tasks and activities using automated workflows and (e-mail) notifications.

Perform what-if scenario’s in minutes and stay agile with real-time forecasts using tight data source integrations and driver based planning models.

Real-time dashboarding and analytics with Microsoft Power BI embedded in the Vena platform. Ensuring a single source of truth.

Ensure financial integrity, compliance and control with the extensive auditability and security capabilities in the platform.

Eliminate loosely connected spreadsheets and connect your Financial, HR and Operational Business Plans with Vena in one central location.

Why is cpmview a specialist in Vena solutions?

Vena and cpmview help enterprises to grow their business with:

  • Sales and operations planning.
  • Financial budgeting and forecasting.
  • Integrated business planning.
  • Financial close management.
  • Dashboarding and analytics (with Power BI embedded)

Our Vena services are characterized by short implementation cycles, high user adoption and a fast time to value. This makes the platform very interesting for small to large enterprises looking for the next steps replacing Excel or legacy applications.