Close and task management

Streamline the financial close process and gain complete visibility

Gain visibility and control

For organizations with multiple entities that have to comply to local close and group reporting requirements it can be a real hazard to have the right visibility and control on the status of the close. What is the exact status of a particular entity, country or region? Have all tasks and activities related to the close been completed?


Keep an accurate and timely insight

Many organizations try to keep an overview using Excel, a portal solution like Sharepoint or e-mail, but find it difficult to keep an accurate and timely insight.

Cpmview helps accounting teams to gain visibility and control in the financial close process. Manage the close with Blackline, OneStream or Vena and take control of the financial close.

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Edwin van den Broek
Managing Partner & CPM Advisor

Wat are the key business benefits of our close and task management solutions?

Why is cpmview a specialist in financial close and task management?

Cpmview is partner of Blackline, OneStream and Vena. We offer close and task management solutions for different organizational sizes, complexities and maturities with a holistic view on the complete financial reporting process.

We know how visibility and control on the financial close saves time and improves accountability while saving costs.

Close and task management


Close and task management

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Close and task management

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