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Are you searching for a new CPM or FP&A software solution and questioning yourself what is the perfect fit for your organization? We help organizations of all sizes and industries in their journey to a modern Corporate Performance Management solution, taking into account systems, people, data and processes.

“Cpmview is a pleasant company to work with. Where other companies sometimes make unrealistic promises, cpmview clearly and honestly communicates about all advantages and disadvantages, opportunities, and risks.


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Roadmap Definition – What are your CPM requirements and needs?

Determining the roadmap for a new CPM deployment is not always an easy venture. Requirements from different key stakeholders are involved across departments, Finance and IT. And not always are organizations fully aware of the capabilities of modern CPM solutions for a complete requirements scope. And how about your industry peers? Which strategic considerations do they undertake with their CPM deployments?

Cpmview offers a service to help your organization with your roadmap definition. We understand the language of your business and know Finance and IT. With our extensive experience in the CPM domain and multiple partnerships with CPM vendors we know how to translate your business requirements into marketable solutions to define a roadmap that can last for the next 5 – 10 years.

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Vendor Selection – Which solutions are available in the market?

Once the roadmap and requirements are clear, the search for the bestfit CPM solution is imminent. It is important to know which CPM solutions are out there and to map solution capabilities to your requirements.

Cpmview offers an all-in-one approach to guide you through the vendor selection. We know all the major players in the market and can help you realizing a clear and transparent supplier analysis and selection. Save time and cost on selecting the right vendor!

CPM maturity scan – Is your organization ready for a modern CPM deployment?

Successful deploying a new CPM solution is not only about selecting the right vendor. It needs alignment with your ways of working, systems, quality of data, and experience and knowledge of your people.

Realize a long-term successful deployment and make use of the cpmview maturity scan. We will analyze your current processes, systems, data and people and map it to your requirements and vendor selection. Results include a transparent gap analysis, risk analysis and recommended actions.

Be prepared and start the project with the right scope and angles to guarantee success.

Project management and control – How to control and execute your CPM deployment successfully?

Now you are ready to start the implementation of the CPM solution. A turbulent phase where new technology is enrolled that needs to be integrated with current systems and data structures. A period where a lot of questions and deliverables are assigned to you and your internal resources. All that while you are also doing your day-to-day job?

Cpmview helps organizations to gain confidence and control on their CPM project. We have experienced project managers and control methodologies to ensure success on your project. Let us relieve you from some of that work and stress!

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Quality assurance – How to assure the quality of your CPM deployment?

In need for independent quality assurance on your CPM project deliverables with SAP, OneStream, Fluence or Vena? Cpmview has experienced solution architects who can take independent ownership of the quality assurance of the blueprint deliverables, taking into account industry and vendor best practices.

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Scans and reviews – How to ensure a long-term successful CPM deployment?

Once a CPM solution becomes operational, a phase of continuous improvements and change requests starts. The business is rapidly changing and growing. Your CPM deployment flexibly follows this growth to keep supporting your business. But are the original design principals still valid after a couple of years? And are you incorporating the change requests in the best way possible?

Cpmview helps organizations to keep long-term control on the performance and maintainability of their CPM solution. Our consultants scan and review your application from time to time and become a sparring partner of your internal support organization.

If you are in favor of outsourcing functional maintenance and support, cpmview is also there to help with our managed services.

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Stay in control and make the right decisions in the different stages of the CPM selection and development lifecycle.

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