Predictive Analytics

Use historical data patterns to predict the future

Generate a high-quality forecast using historical data patterns

Most companies still generate their forecasts using assumptions and human expectations. The quality of forecasts and, therefore, the quality of decisions based on these forecasts can be improved by using predictive analytics. Techniques as data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to predict future events.


Predictive analytics helps companies in leveraging the increasing amount of collected (big) data. By implementing these techniques, companies are able to anticipate more proactively on future risks and opportunities.

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What are the key benefits of predictive analytics?

Why is cpmview a specialist in predictive analytics?

Cpmview is partner of SAP, OneStream, Power BI and Vena. Their well-known solutions offer sophisticated predictive analytics capabilities. Those capabilities are directly incorporated within the platforms integrating the predictive models with the existing planning processes automatically.

Enhance the use of historical data patterns to predict the future and generate a forecast by using predictive analytics.

Predictive Analytics

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Predictive Analytics

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Predictive Analytics

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Predictive Analytics

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