Planning & Forecasting:


Organized process and a central database with a modern FP&A solution

Make the step from Excel-hell to an organized planning and forecast process

The budget process should not be about preparing, collecting and bundling hundreds of Excel files. And not about finding and linking the right versions found in your mailbox. An organized process and a central database with a modern FP&A solution will take care of that.

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Intelligent forecasting allows multiple scenario’s and can remove the human bias

Modern AI/ML models help to forecast by showing trends humans might not see. Remove or challenge the human bias or gut feeling that might be based on nothing. Create and compare multiple scenario’s and re-calculate the whole model in real-time using your key business drivers. Automate common recurring accounts and save time and gain efficiencies.

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Financial Planning & Forecasting gain isight, make the right decisions
Predictive Analytics high-quality forecast using historical data
Specialty Planning visit the cpmview marketplace for our apps and solutions

What are the key benefits of our Financial Planning & Forecasting solutions?

Why is cpmview a specialist in FP&A solutions?

Cpmview’s Planning & Forecasting solutions help enterprises of all sizes to simplify their FP&A processes while gaining insights.

  • Optimize and automate the forecasting process.
  • Eliminate non-value adding manual activities and the well-known Excel hell.
  • Apply driver-based scenario forecasting using real-time automatic calculations.
  • Find new drivers and patterns and apply them to the forecast using predictive technologies.
  • Simplify reporting and analytics from a central FP&A platform.

We work with the latest technology, embedding the right skills and experiences to deliver the best solutions for your organization.

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Planning & Forecasting: Plan-to-Act

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Planning & Forecasting: Plan-to-Act

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Planning & Forecasting: Plan-to-Act

SAP Business Planning & Consolidation

Planning & Forecasting: Plan-to-Act

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