Interview – Rutger de Roo van Alderwerelt, Consultant – Solving complex data governance puzzles

My name is Rutger de Roovan Alderwerelt; after finishing my Master’s in Economics and Business, I started working at cpmview on the 1st of February 2021. I dealt with many different financial processes and performance management systems while interning for a large multinational company. I found it very interesting to see how all those processes worked and learned about the importance of data governance.  

I started looking for consultancy companies that solve complex data governance puzzles and optimise performance management processes. With cpmview, there was an immediate click due to its very open culture. When I started as a Junior, I immediately felt part of the group. You feel welcome, and your colleagues help you onboard well into your role. That illustrates that your personal development is in everyone’s interest and of great value to all your team members.  

I can learn something new every day, which motivates me. You determine or review your learning and development goals at the beginning of each year to set the course for the next two years. You set your goals with your mentor, a consultant with more experience. Your team members are there to guide you in your journey to becoming the kind of consultant you want to be.   

During your onboarding, you get to know the company, your business team and the project(s) you will be involved. Depending on your entry-level, you will receive different training on the technologies we advise and implement for our clients. But you will learn the most from your team members while on a project. In addition, there is no limit to subsequent courses you want to follow further to deepen your knowledge in various relevant topics; consultancy skills, and professional and technical knowledge.  

I’ve worked on multiple client projects covering consolidation and reporting process implementations, both brownfield and greenfield. I like that no project is the same, and you can get experience in different roles, such as functional consultant, solution architect, and project manager. This allows you to see different sides of the job. Subsequently, you naturally grow into the role that suits you best.   

Thanks to the good guidance of your team members, and the work environment that cpmview provides, I can grow as a CPM consultant at a very comfortable pace. I look forward to all I have yet to learn at cpmview!