Release of OneStream Platform 6.5.0

Release of OneStream Platform 6.5.0

2021 Q2 is getting to an end and OneStream has released a minor upgrade of the OneStream platform. OneStream has classified this release as a minor release which contains new features, enhancements to existing features and business rule API additions. The new features in this release are:

Entity Aggregation

Normally in OneStream, aggregation is done through consolidations. In many budgeting, planning and forecasting scenario’s the rigor of the consolidation rules are not required. The Entity aggregation functionality provides OneStream customers with a tool to quickly aggregate and analyze a variety of different scenarios and aggregate these to the parent levels.

Extensible dimensionality: Move Dimensions

To enhance the flexibility in modelling your data models, cubes and dimensions, in this latest release it is now possible to move dimensions after the initial model has been created. This allows for greater extensibility by allowing for adjustments to dimensions and their extensibility that were not included in the original design.

UD Attribute Consolidation

An existing feature has been enhanced to allow users to set the Is Consolidated setting on a UD Attribute to “True (regardless of Formula Type and Attribute)” in order to enable attribute members to consolidate to Parent Entities.

It is also important to note, that as of October 17th 2021, Microsoft will no longer support Silverlight and it will no longer receive security updates. Therefore OneStream will be removing support for Microsoft Silverlight from all cloud customers by the end of September 2021.