Intelligent Corporate Disclosure Management


Intelligent Corporate Disclosure Management

Cpmview is a recognized partner of Sturnis365. Sturnis365 operates as an intelligent Corporate Disclosure Management(CDM) solution for supporting the processing,  analysis, publication and disclosure of business information. Sturnis365 extends the familiar Microsoft Office platform to support report consolidation, collaborative data entry and disclosure processes ensuring high adoption and efficiency. This SAAS solution allows for continuous change & flexible consolidation and reporting structures and applies Inversed Design for automatic data and meta-data synchronization to reduce document setup and maintenance. With Sturnis365, published content and numbers can be trusted and the reporting of consolidated numbers and text becomes as easy as creating a Word or Excel document.

As a partner of Sturnis365 we can support you with the selection, implementation, and ongoing support of the Sturnis365 software and solutions.

The last mile in reporting!

Combining modern ways of collaboration with the elimination of manual efforts in data gathering, disclosures and filing will definitely accelerate and boost quality in the last mile in reporting.

Cpmview helps enterprises of different sizes and complexities with their requirements related to Corporate Disclosure Management. We work with leading modern and collaborative disclosure management solutions that meet all legal and managerial requirements.

Whether you only want to make the first step by being (i)XBRL ready or when you are more ambitious and you want to use the full capabilities of a modern corporate disclure management solution than keep in mind that we from cpmview are there to guide and help you every step of the way!

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Damien Wiegman
Managing Partner & CPM Advisor

What are the key business benefits of Sturnis365?

What are the key features of Sturnis365?

  • Light implementation: the Inversed Design approach puts the classical application setup and maintenance upside down. Resulting in a fast implementation.
  • Collaborative: workflow and versioning features enable team members to easilywork together without losing track of accountability. 
  • iXBRL: support for XBRL tagging to become fully ESMA ESEF-compliant.
  • Office 365 Add-in: keep workingfamiliar in MS Office when creating and formatting text, numbers and tables.
  • Fully automated: reduce manual repetitivetasks by real-time features for document distribution, data collection and report consolidation.
  • Sustainability reporting: strengthen the sustainability ESG reporting process, including the final annual statement, with theESGeo engine.

Watch the recorded webinar: Corporate Disclosure Management Sturnis365

Why is cpmview a specialist in Corporate Disclosure Management?

Disclosure management is the last mile in reporting in any statutory and managerial reporting process. With our extensive experience in implementing CPM solutions we have touched upon different use cases, complexities and technologies while integrating consolidated financial statements. We have helped our clients realizing timely, reliable and accurate financial statements accompanied with all required disclosures and filing needs.

Wouldn’t you like to have your statutory reports right the first time!

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