cpmview becomes latest Sturnis365 Software Distribution Partner

CPM specialist and Sturnis365 bring deep domain expertise and extensive implementation experience to Corporate Disclosure Management (CDM)

Sturnis365 today announced a strategic partnership with cpmview to transform Corporate Disclosure Management (CDM) processes for sophisticated organizations around the globe. This new partnership will provide industry-leading software and implementation expertise while driving efficiency for all Corporate Disclosure Management processes.

Sturnis365 extends the familiar Microsoft Office platform to support consolidation, collaborative data entry and disclosure processes ensuring high adoption and efficiency.

Our SAAS solution allows for continuous change & flexible consolidation and reporting structures and applies Inversed Design for automatic data and meta-data synchronization to reduce document setup and maintenance. With Sturnis365, published content and numbers can be trusted and the reporting of consolidated numbers and text becomes as easy as creating a Word or Excel document.

Edwin van den Broek, Managing and Founding partner of cpmview comments: “It is our mission to unify, modernize and automate Finance and Analytics using innovative technologies from record to decision-making. Sturnis365 offers a modern SAAS solution for all domains within Corporate Disclosure Management including iXBRL ESEF compliant tagging. We are excited to announce our partnership with Sturnis365. cpmview and Sturnis365 share a strong commitment to provide value added solutions that enable customer success.”

“We are excited to announce our partnership with cpmview and strengthen our presence within the Dutch and Belgium market place,” said Didier Katz, VP International of Sturnis365. “Each Sturnis365 partner is carefully selected based on the amount of expertise, market presence and future vision. We believe that a strategic partnership with cpmview is ideal for the evolving needs of our customers that seeks new technologies for efficient, flexible and lower cost in relation to Corporate Disclosure Management.”

cpmview is a specialist in corporate performance management (CPM). We advise, implement and supervise CPM projects. Our services help to unify, modernize and automate finance and analytics using innovative technologies on all reporting steps from ‘record-to-close’, ‘consolidate-to-disclose’, ‘plan-to-act’ and ‘insight-to-decide’. With our distinctive broad range of services, we ensure that you can optimize the entire finance process with one party.