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During de workshop you will be introduced with the new possibilities of SAP BPC 11.0. We will focus on what differentiates SAP BPC 11.0 from older versions of SAP BPC. Besides this, some other applications will be highlighted: which integrations are possible to become futureproof?

Which topics will be covered?

Similarities and differences of BPC versions

We will look at the similarities and differences between SAP BPC versions, among which:

  • SAP BPC 11.0,
  • SAP BPC Optimized for S/4HANA,
  • Standard model,
  • Embedded model.

The new functionalities and look and feel will be shown by means of a short demo. Furthermore, the different migration paths for BPC 10.x versions to SAP BPC 11.0 will be shown.

Applications of SAP BPC 11.0

SAP BPC 11.0 is all about the HANA platform. The HANA platform offers a lot of new possibilities when it comes down to integration. Many organizations are wondering what the landscape of the future looks like. Where do different process steps belong and in which application should they reside? Topics that will be covered:

  • Planning and Forecasting based on extensive integration between SAP BPC 11.0 & SAP Analytics Cloud (including a short demo)
  • Enriching Enterprise Data with Big Data (SAP VORA)
  • Predictions based on complex statistics (SAP predictive Analytics)

In short: This workshop is a real deep-dive into SAP BPC 11.0 (and what the advantages are of migrating to this version), gives a preview of BI & planning in SAP Analytics Cloud and gives a broader perspective into the SAP application landscape (Big Data, Predictive Analytics).

For who

This session is intended for Finance Managers, Business & Finance Controllers and IT Managers. This session is particularly suitable for anybody who is currently working with SAP BPC 10.X versions.

Participation of the training offers 3 PE points


Date: Thursday 29th of March 2018

Time: 9:30u – 13:00u

Location: SAP Nederland, Amerikastraat 10, 5232 BE ‘s-Hertogenbosch


  • What is SAP BPC 11.0 and what differentiates it from previous versions?
  • What are the distinctive properties of the different flavors currently available (SAP BPC 11.0, SAP BPC Optimized for S/4HANA, Standard model and Embedded model)?
  • Which migrations paths are possible from BPC 10.x to 11.0?
  • SAP Analytics Cloud: combine Financial & Operational Planning using BPC 11.0.
  • An overview of the SAP application landscape (including a short intro of SAP Vora and SAP Predictive).
  • The possibility to ask questions from your own organization context.


Dutch or English


Participation to the training is free of charge*.

We will charge a fee of EUR 250.00 (excl. VAT) for consultancy firms, software vendors and independent contractors.

*Please note: A no-show-fee of 50 euro will be charged in case of absence without a timely cancellation due to reservation costs made. A charge free cancellation can be done no later than Friday 23rd of March 2018.