Innovative plug & play app for Country-by-Country reporting

CPMview has recently developed an innovative cloud app for Country-by-Country reporting. This unique app allows organizations to run the entire Country-by-Country process from a single solution; from compiling the data from different sources to publishing the reports.

Certificate ‘Qualified Partner Packaged Solution’

Last week CPMview received the certificate ‘Qualified Partner Packaged Solution’ from SAP, for the Country-by-Country app. This means that the Country-by-Country app is a valued solution that makes integrated use of SAP market leading software. The award of this certificate stands for innovative partner services, specialist knowledge, fast time-to-value, low risks and high predictability of projects at very affordable prices.

Rudmer Bosga, Partner Business Manager SAP Netherlands: “We are very pleased with CPMview’s new proposition. The Country by Country app is ‘spot on’! An enrichment of the SAP Analytics Cloud platform by fully integrating a cumbersome and costly process into the platform and for a fixed price per month in combination with a one-time and pre-defined short implementation”.

Modern ‘all-in-one’ Cloud solution

CPMview has extensive experience with the processes surrounding fiscal unity reporting, corporate tax declarations, VAT declarations and Base Erosion & Profit Shifting (BEPS). We advise our clients on a daily basis on how these processes can be overcome in reporting systems. We combined this knowledge with our knowledge of the SAP Analytics Cloud platform and resulted in an ‘all-in-one’ Cloud solution for Country-by-Country reporting.

“This app is a true plug and play solution for complex reporting processes. It not only provides insight into a company’s financial results, but also shows how tax authorities interpret this data. The results are accessible 24/7 and are visualized in clear dashboards. The app is therefore a good example of a modern financial solution that combines our knowledge of both finance and tooling”, says Bart van Onzen, Partner CPMview.