Group Reporting 2021 now available with new features

Following our blog on Group Reporting Updates, SAP has continued improving flexibility in the Data Collection App as well as added new features that now are available on premise as of October 13, 2021 with the release of SAP S/4HANA Finance for Group Reporting 2021.

As stated in our blog, Data Collection App had been greatly improved, and now provide even more flexibility:

You can now collect texts for financial reporting, use front-end formula calculations during manual data collection, leverage conditional formatting to improve visual controls in forms, import data from ECC in Group Reporting with data mapping, and benefit from integrated data mapping traceability log from target to source data.

Sample of form with formatting and formula calculations

In addition to the improvements seen at the GRDC app, a number of other features are available in the 2021 release, providing extensibility and customizability. Now more than ever, going from financial closing to consolidation can be a smooth process with great traceability.

Master Data Configuration:

  • Custom attributes can now be set for financial statement item, and are integrated in selections, reclassification and validations rules and analytics.
  • Sign change can be performed for financial statement items.

Input and adjustments (in addition to the GRDC app):

  • Flexible Upload now includes substitution / validation functionalities.
  • Journal entries are now possible on multiple Consolidation groups.

Business rules configuration:

  • Equity pickup automation have been introduced and improved during 2021.
  • Elimination of unrealized profit on inventory is automated.
  • Intercompany Matching and reconciliation is enriched, integrating data from remote systems.
  • Consolidation is run with multiple group currencies.
  • Validation rules can now be combined in a compound rule with logical operators.

Processing and Reporting:

  • Data monitors have been improved.
  • New views are available in reporting / analytics and performance have been improved.

Note: Release of functionalities for the Cloud version is done quarterly. Now all 2021 new features are comprised into the annual on premise release.