New Layout in SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud, a new update

As you might know, SAP Analytics Cloud receives a new update every quarter. A few weeks ago a major release made the new way of modeling available in SAC. If you have missed our webinar on this topic, make sure you have a look!

However, when you have a test tenant the update cycle is every two weeks. In one of these latest bi-weekly releases, a new Layout has been presented. This means that the navigation within SAC has changed. This change will be rolled out on production systems with the next QRC update, coming August. To make sure you do not experience unwanted surprises, we will provide you with a short summary of these new navigation features:

Side Navigation: The existing main menu with tabs per action (e.g. “Create”, “Browse”) has been replaced with a side navigation per feature (e.g. “Stories”, “Applications”)

Top Shell Bar: At the top of each page, a new shell bar can be found which changes dependent on the part of SAC you are working on. For example, when creating a model, you will be suggested to create a story as a next step.

Start Pages: For every feature (e.g. “Stories”, “Applications”) a new start page is available which gives an overview of your recent files, as well as options to create new ones.

The changes to the layout have been made to make the user interface simpler and more consistent, and to keep SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud more aligned. To be fully prepared for this release on the 22nd of August, have a look at our video on this topic by Roy Loonen or read the complete technical overview of these changes here.