Fluence: A powerful and fast-deployable consolidation solution

Traditional solutions

In the last decade(s), consolidation solutions of the big software vendors like SAP and Oracle have successfully helped international organizations to streamline their consolidation and reporting processes. The success however comes at a cost: often the implementation projects have been time-consuming, expensive and the maintenance of the tools is extensive.

Fluence Technologies

Fluence Technologies is now offering a cloud-based consolidation solution which is at least as powerful, but much easier to implement and more affordable for a larger range of organizations. The cloud-based consolidation solution of Fluence Technologies includes all functionality of a modern CPM platform like:

  • Advanced rule-based currency conversion and consolidation engine;
  • Business rules for cashflow calculations;
  • Financial data validations;
  • Intercompany reconciliation and eliminations;
  • Equity Pickup;

Fluence technologies


All important calculations are delivered including pre-defined best-practice rules, making the solution easier and faster to implement.  By simply loading your organizations chart-of-accounts and configuring the best-practice rules, the implementation can be completed faster and on a smaller budget. The ease of implementation also makes Fluence Technologies a very interesting option for mid-sized organizations who used to be restricted to less powerful, small consolidation tools or Excel. Is your organization looking to replace Excel as consolidation solution? Please contact us for a demo, we are happy to show you the power of Fluence.