Interview – Jop Meertens, Lead Consultant

“Sustainability increasingly important within CPM”
Lead Consultant Jop Meertens keeps abreast of new developments

Before Jop Meertens started at cpmview in 2016, he worked as a CPM implementation consultant at another agency. During his first meeting with cpmview, he was immediately convinced that the company had something to offer him in the field of personal development. “What appealed to me about cpmview? The pure focus on CPM. The large number of young people working at cpmview. And the opportunity to grow into a more experienced consultant.”

Broad experience comes in handy

“As a Lead Consultant, I supervise advisory processes in the broadest sense of the word: selection processes for CPM tooling, processes where, for example, harmonisation between departments or business units is required. Many of these processes are related to change management, and most are a combination of advice and selection. In my previous role as an implementation consultant I used and implemented various tools. That broad experience comes in handy now. Because I can advise my customers from my own experience, but also value comments from suppliers. That helps to gain trust and build a good relationship with customers.”

“Sometimes it is difficult to get people moving. Or to convince them of the importance of good tooling and a good plan. In such cases, I can fall back on experienced colleagues. To share my doubts and discuss how I can get further. Or by asking a colleague to join me in a customer meeting and supplement me where necessary. I am often on my own with the customer, but I never feel alone. That is very pleasant.”

Sustainability and ESG reporting increasingly important

“To be able to do my job well, I must keep abreast of new developments. In terms of technology, functionality, and regulations. But also new providers and new solutions. In my opinion, we should know them before a customer asks for them. In our Advisory processes, we always discuss new developments with customers. I see it as our duty to make customers aware.”

“A development that will become important in the coming years is sustainability. There are more and more reporting obligations in this field (including ESG reporting). Currently, it is hard to make an accurate estimate of the impact of these developments. But we do want to advise our customers well about the right tools to record their sustainability performance. On the one hand, we see many companies in the market that keep a close eye on this or are already working on it themselves. On the other hand, there are also many companies that only start working on this when it becomes mandatory.”

“Market development is high on the agenda at cpmview. Webinars on ESG are currently being recorded. At cpmview, we have a sustainability focus group with people from various business teams. Some ideas are put forward by the management, but they encourage us to identify developments ourselves or come up with initiatives. We give direction to our business team, determine the marketing calendar ourselves and report regularly to our management. Within cpmview, you have a lot of freedom and responsibility, but it is always possible to talk with colleagues or partners.”

Grow in my role as team lead

“Working at cpmview means the freedom to be in the driver’s seat yourself. Decide for yourself what you want to participate in. And to make your own choices in what suits you, what you like. For example, I want to gain even more experience. Learn even more about all the tools in the market. Delving deeper into customer questions. At cpmview, I get the opportunity by following supplier training and professional training. Now the Advisory team consists of two consultants, but our ambition is to set up a broader team.”

“I also want to grow in my role as a team lead. By involving more junior consultants in projects, coaching them and by taking them to customer meetings. In short: ensure that they can continue to grow. Within cpmview, everyone has a mentor, with whom they talk every other week about how things are going at work and at home. Together with your mentor you also determine your development goals for next year. In all the job interviews I attend, I notice that candidates find that very appealing.”

“What am I most proud of? My own growth! And the confidence that cpmview gives me to show what I can do. When the customer gives me the feeling that we are on the right track, that everything is running smoothly. When I feel the appreciation of both customers and suppliers. That makes me go home satisfied at the end of the day.”

The working atmosphere? Relaxed and helpful

“The atmosphere on the work floor is relaxed, but busy when necessary. Knowing when to peak and when to ease off. From the onboarding, working at cpmview feels like a warm welcome. Everyone is very helpful, both during work and, for example, at finding accommodation (for expats). And if you show you are committed, you get all the freedom you want to really decide for yourself what you want to do. “

“Conversations with colleagues are usually not only about how things are going at work but also about your private life. Fun activities are regularly organized by cpmview, such as the New Year’s drink, the summer barbecue, and the annual ski trip. But I also meet with colleagues outside working hours now and then, for a snack or a drink. And we are playing padel with a group of colleagues. This is a great way to build social contacts, especially for colleagues who have just arrived in The Netherlands.”