ESG Data Quality

Simplify data integration and have confidence in your ESG performance

Becoming CSRD compliant starts with data quality

In ESG reporting, you face increasing amounts of data that must be extracted from various data source systems. This increase is due to the many ESG topics that drive many reporting standards; climate change, waste management, biodiversity, working conditions, health & safety, and responsible business practices.

Data collection and data quality can be significant challenges. In order to report your organization’s sustainability performance, the foundation of your data must be in place. Most companies have reliable data collection and quality controls for their financial data. For reliable ESG reporting, these data collection and quality controls must also be in place. Aligning these processes through integrated reporting is vital because you want financial and sustainability data to be equally reliable and of the same high level of quality.

Why is cpmview a specialist in ESG data quality?

Data quality is a crucial first step in any CPM project. With our extensive experience in implementing CPM solutions we have touched upon different use cases, complexities and technologies while integrating data sources. We help our clients realize timely, reliable and accurate data for their integrated reporting and analytical needs.

Gain confidence and control on ESG data and realize valuable insights.

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