Frequently Asked Questions

How does ESG effect the office of the CFO?
CFOs have an eagle-eyed view of the company, overseeing financial and non-financial performance. By leveraging expertise in financial reporting and keeping a sophisticated data infrastructure, finance departments can pursue integrated reporting processes across all departments. An integrated reporting process Read more
How does ESG reporting affect Financial reporting?
ESG reporting affects financial reporting in a number of ways. It increases a company’s disclosure requirements, reporting both ESG performance and financial performance. This changes the way companies look at their corporate performance entirely. E.g., the value of a Read more
What are the top 5 solutions for ESG Reporting?
What is ESG Reporting?
ESG reporting refers to reporting a company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance and impact on stakeholders, such as investors, customers, and regulators. ESG reporting is a way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable and responsible practices Read more
What is the Roadmap of ESG Reporting
Overall, the roadmap of ESG reporting involves a continuous cycle of materiality assessment, data collection, analysis, reporting, and stakeholder engagement to drive continuous improvement in ESG performance and impact. This should be a simultaneous process with financial reporting to Read more
What is xP&A?
xP&A (Extended Planning and Analysis) aims to integrate financial and non-financial data from multiple sources, including internal systems, external data providers, and third-party platforms, to provide a more holistic view of business performance and trends. Overall, xP&A represents a Read more
Which Software Solutions are recommended for ESG Reporting?
Why is ESG Reporting important?