Forecasting for service organisations

Modern and integrated planning and reporting based on projects

Forecasting for service organisations

Do you still prepare your schedules and forecasts manually in Excel and need a robust integrated planning and reporting solution? Large static Excel models bring limitations, a lot of manual work and a high risk of errors. This way of working limits your organization and gets in the way of taking planning and reporting processes to the next level.

With our Forecasting solution for service organizations, you benefit from a modern best-in-class planning and reporting platform. One version of the truth, simplified, automated and integrated.


Business benefits

An integrated and modern cloud solution for planning, reporting and analysis for harmonizing processes, (master) data and collaboration between different departments within the organization;

Visualize the business drivers used and adjust them directly within the platform. With real-time insight into financial and operational KPIs of the organization and the ability to communicate within the platform. In doing so, easily simulate the impact of decisions by directly adjusting key business drivers using Smart Predict and Machine Learning.

Integrated planning platform

Maximum flexibility

Advanced Analysis

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Project Planning

The process starts with the sales funnel budget which includes all possible sales opportunities based on projects to determine the revenue and associated costs. Each sales opportunity is provided with a possible start and end date, success probability, project value, expected costs, etc. based on which the expected revenue and costs are calculated.

In addition, the staffing required to meet the sales funnel is automatically calculated and visualized through various dashboards.

liquidity planning

FTE planning

As a separate process, the FTE planning is prepared. Within this planning, all employees that are in service are included along with the expected changes. All employees are then, based on role / function, assigned a productivity objective on the basis of which this employee is deployed.

New vacancies or possible hiring is determined by comparing the required staffing from the sales funnel and the available staffing based on productivity from the FTE planning.


The results from the previous processes are compiled and enriched based on a seasonal pattern to produce a complete P&L forecast. Any adjustments can be made at the overall level before the forecast is validated, submitted and reported.

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