Trann IJkelenstam

Responsible for Business Development

Trann Ijkelenstam

My name is Trann IJkelenstam, and I am responsible for business development and digital marketing within cpmview. Because of my commercial background, I get a lot of energy from helping organizations in their complex journey to a CPM solution. In my spare time, I like to play football, travel all over the world and explore new places.

My biggest frustration is that people tend to see business development as a trick to generate revenue as quickly as possible. I believe business development is not a trick, but sincerity is the key to success. Building relationships, genuinely wanting to help people, and acting as a true business partner; that’s business development. And that is how we can support and enable enterprises to make their CPM landscape function optimally.

Others describe me as a talkative, energized, and optimistic person. Who is always looking for the best possible internal and external solutions. Getting the opportunity to support the most prominent finance leaders within the BeNeLux gives me the right energy to develop myself every day.

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Trann IJkelenstam

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