Sam Houben


My name is Sam Houben, and I recently completed my MSc in Strategic Management at Tilburg University in 2022. In April 2022, I started as a Junior Consultant at cpmview. I have continuously been putting effort into developing myself in the field of Corporate Performance Management solutions by following a diverse range of courses and close collaboration with my experienced colleagues.

My enthusiasm for consultancy fully developed during one of my Strategic Consultancy courses, where I had my first consultancy project for a professional client. I noticed that providing solutions to performance-related issues/obstacles was a great motivator, allowing me to commit to successful results.

I would describe myself as a curious, ambitious, and social Junior Consultant. I want to develop a broad range of expertise to help many different clients solve their CPM-related challenges. Working with a wide range of clients and simultaneously maintaining a relationship with these clients is a great personal motivator. I look forward to further developing myself in the upcoming years as a CPM consultant and supporting a multitude of clients with their evolution of financial business processes as they grow.

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Sam Houben

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