Doua Bassiri

Senior Consultant

Doua is an enthusiastic, analytical and creative consultant. She has a multidisciplinary background in engineering and business administration that she acquired from both her previous experience and the recent Master’s that she obtained from TIAS School of Business and Society.

She cherishes her growth mindset and is therefore always enthusiastic about learning new tools/concepts and looking for new practices and innovations to make work always better.

She brings a strong passion for consulting and project management experience that she acquired while working as an engineering consultant in the Water sustainability sector back in Morocco. After joining Cpmview in October 2022 as a senior consultant, she now supports her business team in providing the best service for our clients.

Ultimately, she would like to help all organizations to incorporate their non-financial metrics into their current business performance analytics because she believes that integrated reporting is the first step toward sustainable corporate management.

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Doua Bassiri
Senior Consultant

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