Dina Coutinho

Project manager

Dina Courhina

Hello, my name is Dina. I work as a Project Manager at cpmview.

My work experience is mostly in the Travel (IT) Industry where I have worked for over 20 years. For the last 12 years, I have worked as a Project Manager using different project methodologies such as waterfall, Lean 6 Sigma, and Agile.

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands. As both my parents are Portuguese, I was brought up bi-lingual, taking the best of both cultures. Currently, I speak Dutch, Portuguese, and English.

I embarked on the Finance IT industry in early 2023 with a steep learning curve in corporate performance management. I enjoy learning and growth, as well as the dynamics that the IT industry brings. The fast pacing changing environment with new solutions and new tools fascinates me.

I can work in a team environment as well as individually. I work with great dedication, enthusiasm, and responsibility. I enjoy professionalism, structure, and organization, which are reflected in my professional and private life.

I look forward to supporting the different teams with the implementation of corporate performance management tools and building long-lasting relationships.

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Dina Coutinho
Project manager

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