SAP BPC Optimized on top/integrated with Real Time Consolidation on S/4HANA

Headquarters Den Bosch
Solution SAP BPC Optimized on top/integrated with Real Time Consolidation on S/4HANA
Employees 4.500
Turnover EUR 1.491 MLN.

Consolidation from excel to SAP BPC Optimized

Consolidation of group financial statements were done in Excel, obtaining the companies monthly and year close from ERP and manually putting together the financial statements and performing consolidation adjustments and manual adjustments. A tiresome, long and error-prone process. Once the process is complete, reporting on consolidated data is manually provided, also with Excel.

The implementation of the consolidation tool is enclosed as part of the Fenix project, in which the accounting and group close for Enexis Group is redesigned and migrated to the new SAP’s ERP, S/4HANA.

Real Time Consolidation on S/4HANA

The tool implemented is SAP BPC Optimized on top/integrated with Real Time Consolidation on S/4HANA. The project involves the modelling of the real time consolidation model in S/4HANA and master data modelling, the configuration of Hana calculation views and BW infoproviders for integration, the configuration of BPC Consolidation model, conversion and consolidation rules, ownership and rates models, BPC journal module and, finally, the design and implementation of BW key figures, BW queries and Excel workbooks with Analysis-for-Office reports.

The consolidation tool obtains the financial close statements of the companies within Enexis Group, in real time, from the new ERP, based on the real time consolidation model defined and the release process. The tool performs the consolidation adjustments based on the definition of consolidation rules and periods ownership, and provides with a set of predefined reports to help analyze the consolidated data.

Business Key benefits:

  • Automation of Consolidation Process.
  • Integration within the new system architecture.
  • Real time consolidation (RTC).

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